A night in colour and monochrome

I am a black and white lover but yesterday it was a night in colour too.
Mounted the Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 at Sony ArV which allowed me to shoot at a higher ISO than on older cameras.

Some photos show their strength and strongest impression in BW. The lines and contrasts stand out cleanly and simply in BW.

In colour its about balance between tones and colours drag all the attention and add more drama sometimes.

I rarely make up my mind on colour or monochrome photography before I go out to shoot unless there is a specific demand on an assignment. When I shoot for fun on the streets, I simply let the image decide what works best. Sometimes it’s obvious when the motive is spotted if it should be one or the other, but sometimes this also changes when I edit the pictures on my laptop afterwards.

Here series of pictures in colour first, and then in monochrome for your inspiration.



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