Dehancer Film Look

Dehancer Film profiles come with print options and profiles like Kodak 2383, Koda Chrome and Fujifilm 3513 print are among a lot of options to bring digital files to life.

The Dehancer Film Emulation is a plugin that builds on Lightroom Classic and can add that special film-like feeling digital images often miss. Also works in Photoshop and on iPhone.

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Watch the full tutorial and review at my YouTube channel Morten Albek Photography.

Free GRAIN presets. Download 100, 400 and 1600 ISO presets.

Dehancer film emulsion tool for Lightroom.

Choose from the library and create your own.

  • Exposure, Contrast and Analogue Range Limiter tools, based upon printed samples and simulating real analogue media behavior
  • Color Density tool emulates analogue saturation and desaturation
  • Expand tool – a simple and effective way to control black and white points independently
  • Realistic Film Grain simulation with adjustable size, amount and impact (with separate controls in shadows, midtones and highlights)
  • Bloom effect with flexible controls brings misty glow and soft, vintage feel, turning lifeless digital picture into a piece of art
  • Halation film emulsion effect, visible as a subtle red glow around bright light sources, specular highlights and contrasting edges
  • Defringe tool for simple and easy chromatic aberrations control
  • False Color output filter for visual quality control
  • Basic set of conversion profiles for movie cameras, including Arri Alexa
  • Vignette effect with size, aspect, position and exposure control
  • Generate LUT module allows LUT export for DIT on-stage grading
  • Complete native support of ACES pipeline
  • CMY Color Head – substractive color correction tool with exposure compensation
  • Animated Gate Weave and Film Breath effects dynamically bring image to life