Leica M8 is like driving a slow car through town

Shooting with the Leica M8 is somewhat comparable with driving a small car like our own Renault Clio through town. A drive yesterday made me think of this. You may not be able to make a fast speed because the engine is small, but it is reliable and will not break down. The M8 is not speedy when it comes to starting up or shooting several pictures in a row, like the car is not quick when starting up and get into movement. The camera is a bit slow, but make you think and take the right decisions. The car is not fast, but what does it matter when you are driving in the city. Speedy Audi´s and BMW´s passes you every second, just to be stopped by the next car ahead or a red light. All the time I was at the side of these cars, newer left behind. The same experience I have with my Leica M8. It may be a camera on the slower side, but I never seem to lose pictures when I compare with the fast shutter clicks by the press photographers I from time to time is stands side by side with at events. It believe it is all about pressing the shutter at the right moment, not just pressing it and speed-shooting. It is what and when you shoot, not how much you shoot it.


It makes sense to make a series of photos when trying to capture a moment. To fetch just that moment where the mood is right, the eyes are not closet by a blink, and the expression shows that extra expression. But this does not take a speedy camera, and my claim is that if you train your perceptiveness you will, with a little training, make better results than just pressing the shutter at continuous release at speedy cameras, awaiting that one of many captures are right. Don´t lean back and think technology will make the picture for you. You will, and a slower working rangefinder camera like the Leica M8, may lead you to think pictures, see and have your full attention on the subject, waiting and react at the right moment. That´s my experience, and therefore I do love my Leica M8.



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  • kilted1

    I still shot my digital cameras slowly. My D800 is no Ferrari when it comes to speed neither is my M9P. I started in the eighties with film and today I just carry on that way.I don’t take loads of shots that’s for the new breed . I love the way Leica has made the digital experience mirror the film days.
    Thanks for posting this :0)

  • Morten Albek

    Thanks. I enjoy this way of shooting much more than I did with faster DSLR cameras. I used DSLR´s before changing all equipment to rangefinder Leica, and find much more pleasure and control by using full manual settings. I also makes much more photos today always carrying my camera.

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