Some photos comes easy and others dont

Sometimes it’s just there. The image, in front of you. It’s just about focusing and pressing the button. An interesting photo is captured.

At other times we can struggle to find something of interest to photograph. Some days it just isn’t obvious and maybe you are not in the mood to take pictures.

Still bring your camera, because it happens out of nowhere, and even if you do not feel for it, the great image may be there just in front of your eyes. And it’s missed if you do not have a camera ready for it.

The above photos were taken in Sydney and resulted from strolling around the streets in the afternoon. Not so many things of interest for some time, so I had a feeling of not getting anything. I did continue walking around though and then I spotted this guy at the bench in the middle of the street.

At first, he was occupied with his phone, and then he looked up. The moment was when he looked right at me — a special face with a special expression and a moment captured.

It’s important to have the camera settings right whenever you walk the streets or where you’re strolling takes you. I always shoot manually, so I set my aperture, ISO and shutter speed when I enter an area. So I am as ready as I can be when the moment is there.

It might not be that I get something on that walk, but I surely will hate not to have the camera with me if it is there.


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