Street photography skills transformed

There is a lot to learn from street photography as a photographer. Street photography skills can be transformed into everyday work as a photojournalist, and of course, can be used as a photographer enthusiast in general.

It’s about speed and decisions

Capturing the moment where the emotion, light and balance is framed and find the mood of the scene is about perceiving the situations fast. Often observing and recognize a situation occurring before it happens. Street photography trains your mind and ability to foresee these situations by capturing everyday life changing it into situations of interest.

Culture festival at Mors, Denmark. Denmark. Laica M9 with Summilux 50mm f1.4

These skills can be transformed to the daily life as a photographer of profession but also for the amateur who wants to improve photography as a hobby. The mind must be trained and maintained as a photographer. If you are absent from photography for some time you might experience it takes time to get back in form. The skills must be kept alive and trained.

I use street photography for my pleasure and because it trains my ability to act fast when I need to as a photographer. No matter if it news stories, features, portraits or family events. The skilled photographer find the moment, frames  the situation and hit the shutter button within seconds, capturing the moment

Training and keeping your mind open for situation’s is all that it takes.

Having your camera ready and looking for opportunities.

Beach situation an early morning in Kerteminde, Denmark. Sony A7rII with Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4


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