Inspired in Rome

The last days I have spent in Rome doing a photo workshop. I attended the Thorsten von Overgaard workshop, which I have done once before. So why do it again? Same type of workshop, with the same photographer.

Simply because I was so inspired by the first workshop two years ago, that I felt I would (and could) squeeze even more out of Thorsten von Overgaard the second time. Of course some repetition was present, regarding theory, but two photo shootings are newer the same, and you always get new informations there either wasn’t presented the first time, or that you did not grasp at that time.

My overall goal taking part in the Rome workshop, was to focus much at the light, which I can transfer to future photo and television news stories that I produce. And I got it. The hands on practice and advice from Thorsten benefits both experienced pro´s like my self, and amateurs who wants to step up a level. So with my tired feets walking around hot Rome, I now will go back and let the experiences and inspiration go into my photography works. You are newer to old, too experienced or (especially) too good to learn.

The photo shown here was shot during the workshop. One of a few I do in colour.

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photo@mortenalbek.com www.mortenalbek.com

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