Photography with Thorsten von Overgaard

Shooting Paris with Thorsten von Overgaard

Paris in France is a remarkable place to spend time as a photographer. The city is famed for fashion, architecture and culture, and street shooting is a must do there. Danish internationally recognised Leica photographer Thorsten von Overgaard travels worldwide with his highly recommendable workshop for photographers needing skills improved, or photographers simply wanting inspiration for their photo journey in life with Leica M cameras (or whatever you want, but Leicas is in focus).

Coffee break.
After work.

I have a few years on my bag (about 25) as cameraman for television, and have always been shooting stills as well (mostly for pleasure). Also a little commercially and for PR in between, but I missed some improvement in my acting with the camera after shifting to rangefinders, after years with DSLR´s. So I did not need another basic instruction or uninspired lecture about photography.

I found this workshop with Thorsten (who I did not know of before), and thought this might be something for me. And it was! No messing around the bush or dull lectures. Hands on equipment and great talks to start of with. Technique is only my interest to be able to use it, and therefore I was very pleased with the relaxed approach Thorsten has to his workshop. Practical and a precise focus on tools rather than technical diagrams and theoretical based information’s. Do this and it works like this. Simple and constructive.

Thorsten von Overgaard shooting in Paris.
Thorsten von Overgaard shooting in Paris.

The workshop

After one day with a bit of theory, but a lot more talks about personal goals as a photographer, light and lenses, getting to know each other in the group of eight participants, we went of shooting the next three days of a total of four. Street photography, model shooting, portraits, and more street shooting, editing, coffee, dining, walking, and more editing. Simply so much fun and calm way of doing this.

As model singer and model Joy Villa  took in the scene. New York cool and friendly Joy was a joy (that was a rather bad joke). Very professional with a fantastic attitude, adding  her great sense of being present, and all day happy. Even when posing in cold weather in small dresses. Keep the spirit going Princess.

Joy Villa.
Joy Villa.

Newer wear a cap – always wear a camera

Summing up a bit, this way of taking part of a workshop is exactly my cup of tea. I am now fuller of energy doing my photos, shooting also the times I may have been reluctant doing it for a varies of reasons. Simply just inspired by four days of full focus on photographing, and see it work in real life, searching for motives and light.

Finally, yes I got bitten by the flue even harder. The famous Leica M flue. When Leica people meets in the street and immediate connection is established and talks starts with strangers having a Leica, as it was one big family. I have newer experienced that with whatever other camera I have carried around. No way around it. Shooting with a Leica M rangefinder improves my way of thinking photos, and the workshop has really set my mind on developing this ongoing. Even experienced photographers needs improvement and inspiration to develop and keep higher standards. If you think you can not learn and develop even after many years of practise, you are wrong. Life is an ongoing process of experience and improving skills if one is interested in living it fully. Don´t be to complacent to miss the opportunity of learning.


This written one day after the workshop, and still I am very happy I did took part in this with fellow photographers. And then, remember the wise words (and that is Thorsten, if you missed it): Newer wear a cap (on your lens), always keep your camera loaded and ready to shoot with fresh batteries and a clean card. Always wearing a camera, – or you miss that shot.

Thanks Thorsten von Overgaard and Joy Villa, for a remarkable four days workshop. See you again.

Morten Albek-1003805

For a full view of my work see the freshly updated website www.mortenalbek.com with latest Paris photos added.


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