Sweden is Monochrome

Recently I went home from the woods of Sweden.

Shooting a TV series for TV2Fyn to be broadcast during the Christmas days. Monochrome photos are used as part of the video story adding a special mood to the production.

The monochrome photos add a different mood and expression to photos we normally would see in colours. It focuses more on the emotional part of a picture and it draws attention to lines and forms that a colour photo often doesn’t. The colours are beautiful but also take away attention from the object in many cases. Sometimes a monochrome and a colour photo will have the same strong impact, and it may be difficult to make up your mind what is best. In such a case I simply keep a copy of both, but choose rigidly for a series of photos just one style.


All photos were shot with the Summilux 50mm 1.4 mm lens from Leica. The upcoming video on YouTube will explore more about how to work with just one lens for all photos in a series.
In the evening food was cooked over the bonfire. Fire adds a nice colourfully mood, but the thing is that we translate these colours automatically when looking at a monochrome photo. We sense the colours without seeing them.

It’s just a choice between colour and monochrome colours.

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