Autumn images as first blog post

Today I grabbed my Panasonic DMC-LC1 to make some test shooting in the garden. This is also a small introduction on how this blog (most likely) will perform. Small stories on small events, bigger stories from bigger events. Little talk about technique, more about showing pictures.

Back to the camera issue. It is an older camera I newly required, and I am in the testing period with this thing.  small on pixels (5mega only), but that’s not an issue, as long as I am not capturing for posters and the like. The camera has a beautiful performing Leica Sumicron lens ( 1:2,0 – 2,4. 28mm-90mm). The images comes out colourful and with a depth and tone I have not seen for a while. So I am getting in love with this camera, slowly working my way around it. It performs great at 100 ISO, and that’s were it belongs.

Autumn colours do well in gardens pictures, and some black and whites too. All at f2,0.

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