Leaving DSLR

Fuji X100 is a new tool in my back. With this camera I also leaves the period with a DSLR as main tool. I found through the last years that I newer got the real satisfaction from my Nikon D700. Not that it isn’t a great camera, with good lenses i.e., because it is. But from a photographers viewpoint I felt I lost something regarding freedom and composition. It is easy just to use a tele lens and achieve a blurred background,  then everything looks nice. But there are not the balance, expression and tension as with wide or normal lenses, forcing the photographer to make a balanced and interesting photo. I also found that many pictures were shot with 28 or 50 mm. so no need for the heavy equipment making me shoot less because of the weight of equipment and the fact that it isn’t easy to shoot without everyone noticing it. With the silent rangefinder camera street photography is in reach far more than with a DSLR with a loud shutter releaser.

Therefore, I now am settled with a great small rangefinder camera, the Fuji X100 (28mm), and an older Panasonic DMC-LC1 with a Leica Sumicron lens (28-90mm).

This gives freedom to carry the camera everywhere I want, and forcing me to rediscover the magic of (old school) photography. I aim to shoot all pictures with manual settings in order to control every frame best possible.

Yesterday I shot a few pictures using the X100 in the studio were my artist wife works at our property.

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  • Tariq

    It is an exceptional camera! wonderful quality , and superb design… I shoot exclusively with my black FujiX100. I used to shoot with 35mm prime lens on Nikon so it’s not only about wide lenses in my case… it’s mainly about weight, design and quality.

    Enjoy it, and looking forward to seeing your creations. Cheers.

    • Morten Albek

      The design of this camera is truly magnificent. And the light weight makes me have it with me much more than I ever did with the heavier equipment. Looking forward to see what comes out of it. Good to hear you also enjoy this camera.

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