Street photography in colors and indoors?

Street photos are not necessarily shot on the street. You also can bring your camera indoors at a museum, a café or other places. My idea of street photography is most about capturing life as it happens, wherever it may happen. Photographs that aren’t about photojournalism and portraits but observations. It can be sceneries, people, monochrome or color that are appealing to the photographer.
In Berlin last week I walked the streets and museums, and I always had the camera with me. You never know what you bump into. Also, it makes my walks more intensive when I also have an eye on photo moments.
I am often asked if it isn’t hindering that I explore the city and see it. It is the opposite for me. I see much more and I take it in stronger when I have a photographic eye for the environment.
All photos here taken with the Sony A7rIV and Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4.

Street photos in color

Colors repeated. Groups organized. Lines and forms.
There are many ways to approach street photography. If you feel too shy too approach people with a camera, try think in compositions, and let the scene be the dominated part of the photo.
Color photos are as good as monochrome photographs. It is about what you see and how the picture is composed. If colors are not the dominating element of a picture, try converting it o black and white. Sometimes magic happens switching from one expression to another.
First photo from Berlin shows three people looking a three soldiers. In a museum. Which is as good as scenes captured on the street outside. The color yellow present in the painting and repeated at the smartphone.
Second photo shows a painting with grouped astronauts and people grouped around it. Blue colors repeated at the audience and they have a similar grouping.
The third picture also with the astronaut painting. My wife actually pointed out that scene because of the boy. The little boy almost have the same color and lines at his blouse as the astronaut uniform making this photo a story about the boy seeing himself in the place of the astronauts when he grows up. At least, that’s my interpretation of this photo.

Indoor street photography

Storytelling, sceneries and emotions are important elements of street photography and they can happen outside as well as indoors.
Final picture from this museum visit at the Neuen Nationalgalerie in Berlin was shot in the Café. The strong red colors is all the story. Red dress, red nails, red lips and red or warm tones at the walls makes a dramatic and very colorful photo.

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