The Bishop and the Queen

Yesterday I went to church to cover the insertion of a new Bishop in the region were I live. I had to cover it as TV-cameraman for our regional television broadcaster, TV2/Fyn.

I brought my cameras. Fuji X100, and Panasonic DMC-LC1 (same as Leica Digilux 2). “Though an “outdated” camera, it’s a Leica Classic and a darling of many professional photographers who use it for professional work and/or a leisure camera with soul and lots of “love factor.”
The Panasonic DMC-LC1 is the twin camera – same lens and interior, but in a different design and with the buttons placed slightly different.”; Thorsten von Overgaard writes at his website. Back to the story about the shooting. B
ecause there was some time left between the recordings for TV there was time to shoot with my cameras for leisure too.

The X100 came out with fine results but the DMC_LC1 also managed some photos of reasonable quality when lights was sufficiently present at stage. The X100 handles low light very well, and although without interchangeable lenses, I managed some photos. I was at a fixed location for the two hours the ceremony lasted, not able to move an inch, so everything is shot from the same position. Next step is to test the LC1 with ISO settings to see how well it make grains when ISO is higher.

Tow cameras I love to work with.

At the pictures the lady in white, is the Queen of Denmark, who watches the ceremony as a new bishop of the region is inserted.

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